VARDENAFIL® – What You Need to Know

levitra-over-the-counterLevitra also known as Vardenafil is a drug that is used to relax muscles and increase the flow of blood into the penis to help with the erection. Basically it is a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Over the years, the drug has been known to provide some good results when it is used but nevertheless there are some side effects that are always associated with any drugs.

What to know before taking Levitra.

Drug interactions can have some serious impact on your health unless you are sure of what you are taking then you must consult the doctor before using this medication. Levitra cannot be used in combination with nitrate drugs such as those used in treatment of chest pains. Generic Levitra can cause the decrease in your blood pressure which is not good especially if you have some chest problems.

There are more diseases that must be cleared before you can start to use the medication which include seizures, a blood cell disorder which can be sickle cell anemia or leukemia, hemophilia, high or low blood pressure and a heart attack in the last 6 months.

How to take Levitra

It can be tempting to take more than what is recommended hoping that you can get a longer erection time. It is not advisable. Just take as per the doctor’s instructions or the directions on the prescription label from the drug manufacturer. You should take Levitra 60 minutes before you engage in any sexual activity.

If your erection lasts for more than 4 hours then contact your doctor immediately. It is not recommended to have such a long erection time as it might lead to destruction of your penis. Make sure that you only take it once per 24 hours for the medicine to work well and also keep your body healthy.

Some people are always concerned when it comes to missing the dosage. You don’t have to worry as the medicine is only used when you need to have sexual intercourse. But when you overdose, seek medical attention immediately. Some of the most common symptoms of overdosing include muscle pain, vision problems and even back pains.

Also you cannot be drinking alcohol when taking Levitra. Alcohol is known to increase the side effects of the medicine. You can keep it low when using Levitra.

Side effects associated with taking Levitra

As much as we want to treat erectile dysfunction, be sure that Levitra will have some side effects associated with it. The most common side effect reported by people is having difficulty breathing. If you experience such, it might be because you have some chest issues that the doctor needs to look at right away. Some people can start to have swellings around the face, tongue or even throat. Having a swelling is not common but it can be severe. Imagine what a swelled throat can do a lot of damage to your health.

vardenafilVision loss is another major side effect that is associated with Levitra. Vision loss comes about when there is not enough blood that is flowing to the cornea of the eye. It is important that you slow down on the use of Levitra when it comes to this. Other than having a loss in vision, you might also notice a ringing in your ear or even hearing loss. This is usually a serious side effect and it is advisable that you stop using Levitra immediately. It will not cause a permanent loss of vision or hearing, but it is not good for your health if such a condition persists.

Seizures are also part of having some serious side effects of Levitra. Although seizures are not common, but if you have a history of getting them, then you should not use Levitra. Some people have complained about having some headaches or feeling dizziness after using this medication. It is not a severe side effect but it cannot be ignored. Sometimes you have to take some painkillers for the pain or it will just get worse if ignored. Stuffy nose, stomach upsets, back pains, light-headed feeling are among those side effects that rarely occur but if they do contact your doctor for further medication.

peopleMost people buy Levitra over the counter or online which is a common practice but you still need the doctor’s advice on how to take them to minimize the side effects. Even if you are buying Levitra online, make sure that you buy from a trusted online store that has good customer reviews. Some stores might sell to you sub-standard products that will have some major side effects when used. Like any other medicine, the abuse of Levitra could result in some catastrophic effects just as seen from the side effects. Stick to the directions and make sure to contact the doctor in case of any emergency that arises.