Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment

erectile-dysfunctionHaving an erection is a simple process that is initiated by the nerves in the penis which make the brain to direct more blood to the tissue. Whenever something interferes with how an erection is achieved, then be sure that erectile dysfunction is setting in. There are quite a number of people that have low sex desire (libido) which is a common indication of erectile dysfunction (ED). There are several causes but they vary in their nature. It can be physical causes, medicinal causes and psychological causes.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Physical Causes

Physical causes essentially are all about the body and how it reacts to a sexual stimulation. Some people will lack an erection due to hormonal levels in their body. If a person has hypogonadism, then they will be unable to produce testosterone which is essential when it comes to having sex. Well if it is not about the hormones, it can be conditions that affect the flow of your blood to the penis. If you have some cardiovascular diseases, then it will be a major impact when it comes to having an erection.

Another physical cause can be that you have neurogenic conditions where your nerves are not well coordinated by the brain. An example is when you have recently had a stroke or spine injury it could be a major contributing factor.

Medicinal Causes

Different bodies react to medicines differently. Some bodies are more affected than the others. There are medicines that will have a major impact on your sexual performance which might result in having an ED. The most common medicines that can cause a person to have an ED include; diuretics which are used to increase production of urine and treat high blood pressure, fibrates that lower the cholesterol levels in the body, anti depressants and anti-androgens which suppresse the androgens, the male sex hormones.

So depending on your medication at the time, you should be able to talk to your doctor in case anything happens to see how he can help out.

Psychological Causes

When it comes to psychological causes, they are things to do with emotions. This can either be depression or anxiety. People get depressed or anxious for various reasons. One can be that your partner expects a lot more than you think you can provide. Also if you have work related stress, then it can be a major contributing factor. In most cases if you are having relationship problems or even past sexual problems like abuse, then you are likely not to be sure what to do. In such a case, ED might occur.

Other causes of ED

Other than the mentioned causes, a person is likely to have an ED when they have excessive alcohol intake, are tired and also when they use illegal drugs which include heroin or cocaine.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem and no one should be afraid to be checked and treated. A lot of people get scared and embarrassed when it comes to telling their doctors exactly what is bothering them. ED can be treated and at any age it is possible. In most cases, depending on your overall health, the doctor can recommend the use of medicines to boost your erection time such as Levitra, which is very common.

At times you just need to change your lifestyle and things might change for you when it comes to having an ED. Cutting down on the alcohol intake among other things in your lifestyle will help you in having stronger erections. Other people have resolved to use ED penis pumps for a while. They have known drawbacks but it is something that has worked for a lot of men and it might just work you.

If you are going to resolve to use erection supplements such as Levitra, be sure to talk to your doctor first before using it since it might have some serious side effects. Some have resortedto having a surgery that will help in the flow of blood to the penis. If such a surgery is successful, then you can expect to have some improved erections.

Sometimes visiting a sex therapist will help in talking about your sex issues and see how you can be helped. Always be open to your partner about the issues that you are facing and get a solution to it. Having a sex therapy will help you to know how to prepare your body before having a sexual activity and maintain an erection throughout.

Erectile dysfunction is something that you should not be ashamed of if you are a man. Once in a while it will occur and you need to know the reason why. Finding the reasons for your ED is the best way of handling and treating it before it gets worse.