History of Levitra

bayerLevitra was marketed by three biggest pharmaceutical companies namely; Bayer pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough and GlaxoSmithKline. Over time, the rights were returned to Bayer who have continued to market and sell the product since 2005. At first most people were skeptical about the new erectile dysfunction drug but with time after seeing the reviews, it is now being bought almost by everyone having a problem with erection.

Before it could be accepted in several countries, several standard procedures were applied first. But in most cases the countries’ health bodies approved it as safe and its citizens could use it after all. Levitra works the same way as Viagra and Cialis which work by introducing PDE5 inhibitors that are responsible for getting and maintaining an erection. Levitra is not only used to help in Erectile Dysfunction but also helps in premature ejaculation. It will help in the elongation of the penetration time before a person could actually ejaculate.

Clinical Testing

From the clinical testing results, it showed that most people experienced some adverse side effects just like any other PDE5 inhibitor drug. Most people who tried the medicine said that they experienced adnominal pain, photosensitivity, eye pain, ringing of the ear; some had rashes and back pains. The worst side effect is when some patients suffered heart attacks. This is because they had earlier cardiovascular problems that might have led to this side effect.

More people were warned that they need to be careful when using the medicine since it had caused some cases of deafness, this is according to U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

More clinical tests showed that people who were on other drugs that contained nitrates, were supposed to stop using Levitra. This is because the drug interactions had some serious side effects as the drugs were affecting dependently on how the body should react causing health problems.

Approved Levitra Dosage

With all the tests being carried out, there were recommendations on how to take the medicine if you want to have the maximum efficiency. Essentially, Levitra comes in 20, 10, 5 and 2.5 mg tablets. Most people are advised to start on the 10mg tablets which are almost equivalent with the effect of 50mg Viagra tablets. In general, it varies from one person to another what amount they can take; this is actually assessed by the doctor depending on your health at the moment.

Patients are advised to take the medicine one or two hours before engaging in the sexual activity. It is something important that people should note. If the erection is painful or lasts for more than 4 hours, then contact your doctor to help out.

Patients’ success stories and failures

As a way to know more about how the drug affects the people and how to improve on it, the medicine manufacturer had to carry out a research on the medicine. They wanted to know if people liked the product or if it was causing a lot more problems. From all the study, there were a couple of success stories from the patients while others had a difficult time using Levitra.

Those who had used the medicine in the right dosage and following directions then had no issues whatsoever. It was established that the drug had some mild and severe side effects even when the dosage was exceeded by small amounts.

Since Levitra has been approved to be used in many countries, there is no doubt that the drug has been perfected since it was last launched. More changes have been made with every study that has been carried out to make sure it is the best to use when it comes to treating Erectile Dysfunction.